So who's this Kontochristos, anyway?

A bit about what I do and what I love

Freelance Translator Trainer

4 years

  • Founder of the Norwegian concept "Lær å bli frilansoversetter" (in it's fourth year) which has taught hundreds of people how to get started and succeed as a freelance translator

  • Concept now expanding into Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland (and eventually world-wide)

  • Do you understand/speak Norwegian and want to know if freelance translation is for you? Get my free 80 pages e-book here

Translator + Translation Company Founder/Owner

15 years

  • 15 years' experience as a freelance translator (self taught!)

  • Founded the translation company Adepto Norway AS in 2005. Still alive and kickin' today after 14 years, with numerous in-house translators and freelancers translating for clients all over the world.

  • Need something translated? Contact our project manager Netta on post[at] and she will give you an offer!

Magazine Article Writer

6 years

  • Started writing magazine articles in 2013

  • Have written hundreds of articles for a dozen magazines, specializing in leadership, management, history and travel

  • Currently freelancing regularly for Norway's biggest leadership magazine, LederNytt

  • Some examples of my published articles are available here (in Norwegian).

Structure Queen

16 years

  • ​Yes, I have actually been called that by a lot of entrepreneurs for years :) I love everything structure and productivity!

  • Being structured and productive is what have made me succeed in so many fields at once. And I am very rarely stressed!

  • I have been teaching Evernote (oh, how I adore Evernote!!) to freelancers and entrepreneurs for years. Check out my free Evernote training here! (in Norwegian, soon to be launced in English) or jump straight to the Evernote course here!
    Do yourself a favor – use Evernote to become as productive as possible!

What I love doing

Like, always

A woman of many passions:

  • Books. Oh, I looove books! (I'm a crime junkie)
  • Knitting (who should have thunk it!)
  • Cooking (especially Asian and Greek)
  • History - huge fan of the 1800s and the Roaring Twenties (especially hats!)
  • Football - former referee, player and coach
  • Languages - made it my career
  • Travelling - a constant itch


In da makin'

  • What I will spend the rest of my life doing: WRITING BOOKS

  • Currently writing on the first book in a historical crime novel series from the north of Norway

  • This is, strangely enough, also the only area in my life where I feel that I am not capable enough, talented enough, creative enough. Which is why I've made it my life mission to keep doing it. If it's this scary for me, it must be good!

My nearest and dearest

Work in progress

Married to the most crazy, funny, warmblooded, warmhearted and stubborn Greek. 

And mother to the most amazing six-year old who never stops mesmerizing me with his love, laughs and unlimited view of the world.


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